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Dates: March 2024

Continent: Asia

Destination: Kathmandu
and Pokhara

Passion Points: Soul Searchers,  Yoga Lovers, and Nature Lovers

Global Goal 10: 

Reducing Inequalities

Sold Out

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Dates: September 2024

Continent: Asia

Destination: New Delhi,
Agra, Jaipur

Passion Points: Adventurers, Thrill Seekers, Foodies

Global Goal 8: 

Decent Work and Economic Growth

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Dates:  December 2024

Continent: Central America

Destination: Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Panachjel,

Passion Points: Adventurers, Thrill Seekers, Foodies, Indulgers

Global Goal 4: 
Quality Education


Dates: August 2024

Continent: Europe

Destination: Croatia

Passion Points: Indulgers, Ocean and Nature Lovers, 

Global Goal 17: 

Partnership for the Goals

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Dates: October 2024

Continent: Asia

Destination: Kathmandu
and Pokhara

Passion Points: Soul Searchers,  Yoga Lovers, and Nature Lovers

Global Goal 10:  Reducing Inequalities

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Dates: February 2025

Continent: East Africa

Destination: Arusha, Serengeti,

Passion Points: Soul Searchers,  Adventurers, and Wildlife Lovers

Global Goal 6 + 7: 

Affordable & Clean Energy
Clean Water
​ & Sanitation

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Dates:  September 2024

Continent: South America

Destination: Rio De Janiero, and Iguazu Falls

Passion Points: Adventurers, Trailblazers, and Nature Lovers, 

Global Goal 11: 

Sustainable Cities + Communities

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Dates: October 2024

Continent: North Africa

Destination: Cairo, El Fayoum, Luxor, and Hurghada

Passion Points: Trailblazers, Indulgers, Adventurers

Global Goal 13:  
Climate Action

Image by Spencer Davis

See a trip you love but can’t make the dates?

Schedule a custom trip tailored to YOUR needs!

Travel with friends, significant other, family members, or solo.

Once the booking forms are signed, we will send you details to submit your deposit. Once that is received, the spot is YOURS! 

We receive all payments digitally via Zelle for traveler convenience and payment installments. From that point send us an email with your intended customized payment plan, the total amount must be confirmed by 30 days prior to departure.

We're there to help every step of the way. Three months prior, The World Within Us will invite you to a series of calls to get you fully prepared for your trip. You will meet fellow travelers, receive flight suggestions, step-by-step visa guides, and all the details you need to know before you go.


Our team will also connect you via group chat to connect with other travelers and arrange virtual meet-ups prior, or coordinate flights into the destination together.


1 - Choose a destination & Submit a Form

Once you decide on the destination, confirm your spot by filing out the submission form at the bottom.

Once we receive your information, within 24 hours we will be in touch and send booking forms. Get ready for a range of adventure, cultural immersion, and volunteering. 

Our team will prepare your stress-free travel, including the details of airport transfers, activities, and transportation.


2 - Deposit & Flexible Payment Plans


3 - Sit back and Relax

  • 1 - Can I come alone or do I have to come with someone?
    All friends, partners, and family are welcomed! If you are traveling with someone please include their name on your booking innterest form so we know you pair you up with them in a shared room.
  • 2 - What is a shared room option?
    A shared room consists of two people, with two seperate twin/full beds. The shared room price on the itinerary is per person. If you are traveling with someone please indicate on the 'booking interest forms' who you are traveling with so we can put you in the same shared room.
  • 3 - What’s included on the experience?
    Each itinerary includes a section with a detailed breakdown of what's included. The itineraries all include accomodations, airport transfers, daily breakfast, tour guides, all activities, entrance tickets, ground transportation, and internal flights (as needed).
  • 4 - What's not included in the experience?
    Each itinerary includes a section with a detailed breakdown of what's not included. The itineraries do not include international flights, travelers insurance, and COVID-19 testing. All the details and recommendations for this will be provided to prepare you for your flight. Due to eating preferences we also do not include lunch or dinner (with the exception of Tanzania) to give our travelers opportunities to explore different cuisines and restruaunts in the destination.
  • 5 - Are men able to join our trips?
    Yes! Men are able to join our trips. Couples, and friends are all welcome! As our travel community is majority female at this time, if you'd like to join a group trip, and want to do a "Shared Room" option please invite a friend who can join you, otherwise, we will place you on a wait-list to match you with another male inquiry. To by-pass the wait-list you may also book a solo room and be instantly confirmed.
  • 6 - Can I get my own room?
    Yes we offer solo room options for each itinerary if you prefer your own room.
  • 7 - What's the average group size?
    The group trips range between 6 - 10 people. For trips to Tanzania, the limit is 6 people. For Egypt the limit is 8 people, and for Indonesia/Fiji and Guatemala the limit is 10 people.
  • 8 - What is the payment method?
    We accept all deposits and payment installments will be sent via Zelle to make each expereince as affordable and convenient as possible. New to Zelle? Download the app and set up an account, or call your bank to set it up. Many mobile apps (Chase, Wells Fargo, TD Bank.. etc) have Zelle built into your online banking. If you prefer to pay by credit card we are happy to set up a link via PayPal, however that will incur a 3% charge for each transaction.
  • 9 - Do you cater to dietary restrictions?
    Yes, we do. Please include on your booking forms any allergies, and dietary restrictions you have. We will pass this information along to our local guides that will provide options that meet your dietary needs.
  • 10 - How do I protect myself from unforseen circumstances? Do I need travelers insurance?
    Yes! Yes! Yes! When traveling internatoinally I always recommend travelers insurance. We recomend two options that also include COVID-19, World Nomads and Hey Mondo. Both of these organizations protect you from cancellations, delays, baggage compensation, lost items, medical needs, and COVID-19. World Nomads is a all-encompassing option and includes everything you need, and typically ranges from ($65 - $85 USD). Hey Mondo is customizable so you can select what you prefer to be covered for ($40 - $70 USD). The insurance must be purchased at your own leisure, at least 21 days before departure.
  • 11 - I'm hesitant to travel because of COVID-19, how do you prepare travelers?"
    For each trip we follow each countries COVID-19 guidelines, to prepare our travelers for entry. All of our destinations include PCR testing, and some government entry forms. We monitor the restrictions closely with our onsite partners for any new updates. We also locate testing facilitiese on-site before your departure back to the United States to ensure you have a rapid test completed without stress. Additionally, for any traveler that tests positive for COVID-19 within 6 weeks of travel, and clear the mandatory quarantine but are still testing positive, no worries, you can receive a medical note of clearence. The medical documentation is valid for travel entry to all of our destinations. We also require travelers insurance that protects each traveler from any unforseen medical, and COVID-19 issues.

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