What is The World Within Us? 

The World Within Us, is an international nonprofit committed to improving our world through responsible and sustainable tourism. We design group travel experiences that socially and economically empower local communities by partnering with impactful grassroots level organizations and educating travelers on the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals

We are a registered nonprofit focused on accelerating sustainable development initiatives around the world and fostering important cultural exchange and dialogue between diverse local residents and global travelers. We do this by connecting our travelers to volunteer and work with local nonprofits that are implementing and making an important change in their communities.  We are the first tourism organization to directly align our group trips to the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals.

Our specially designed trips catered allow everyday people to have an active role in addressing global social issues like sustainability, inequality, climate action, and economic empowerment. We are raising awareness about sustainable and responsible travel, by educating donors as well as our travelers, fundraising to invest in our nonprofit partners, and supporting local female-run businesses in our travel destinations.

What does The World Within Us Offer? 

  • Round trip transportation and airport transfers;

  • Accommodations in each destination ;

  • Guided tours and workshops led by local community members;

  • Cultural immersion activities;

  • Learning about cultural heritage sites, local traditions, and cuisine;

  • Connecting with like-minded people;

  • Education on the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how everyone can be an active change-maker during their travels;

  • Close connections to our nonprofit partners and network;

  • Valuable opportunities to make a hands-on impact with local grassroots organizations.

How is The World Within Us aligned with The UN Global Goals?

Each of our trips are directly aligned to addressing one or more UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. By taking micro-level actions, we are working directly with our local grassroots nonprofit partners, to accelerate social impact initiatives in their community in a unified and targeted way. Our upcoming trips are focused on creating greater gender equality, affordable and clean energy, reducing inequalities, environmental conservation, and building sustainable communities in our travel destinations.

We also have our carbon offsetting projects included in each destination travel package, which we donate funds to supporting local projects that protect wildlife, nature, and protect the environment so that we have a healthy planet for generations to come. 


We're not your typical travel agency!

We're a sustainable and responsible travel organization on a mission to make an impact around the world - from gender equality, environmental conservation, partnering with local grassroots NGOs, and more! 

  • Our trips are designed to directly align with a grassroots nonprofit and a United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals; each trip supports organizations that are leading initiatives that contribute to economic empowerment, equality, or sustainability in their communities

  • Each of our travel packages include a 15% financial contribution to our local partner to reinvest in projects that empower local communities, female entrepreneurs, and protect our planet.

  • Included in that is also our environmental investment in local projects within each travel destination by providing carbon offset credits to local environmental programmes

  • We organize group travel experiences that emphasize sustainable practices, selecting sustainable hotels, resorts, transportation, and also purchasing from local businesses and restaurants. 










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What does the World Within US travel include?

  • A meaningful, life-changing, and immersive experience!

  • Airport transfers to and from airports

  • Immersive cultural experiences with local partner nonprofit

  • Meals as specified on the itinerary 

  • All local transportation

  • A curated schedule of activities and adventures 

  • And so much more!

What is not included in the travel package:

  • Flights - as travelers will be departing from different cities around the world, and flight prices vary depending on the location, therefore, to keep prices consistent it is not included. We can definitely assist in making suggestions and helping find an affordable flight

  • Travel insurance

    • You are responsible for obtaining your own travel insurance. It is required that you purchase travel insurance at the point of booking your spot. This ensures in case there are unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from attending the trip you are covered. We recommend going through World Nomads. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to research travel insurance companies in your location and select an insurer that covers both trip cancellation and medical coverage abroad.

  • Visas and vaccinations

    • We’ll let you know in advance what you need. Visas may be required depending on the country visiting. Also recommended vaccines are taken prior to departure under your own discretion.

  • Additional spending money in local currency

    • For extra drinks, snacks, and souvenirs 

Can I come alone or do I have to come with a partner?

  • Either or! The great thing about The World Within Us is that it's an incredible opportunity to meet like-minded people and create new friendships that you will share experiences of a lifetime. Also feel free to invite an old-time friend and travel together.

  • Our trips are open to anyone whether you're a solo backpacker or friends crossing off a destination on your bucket list!

Do I get my own room?

  • There will be two pricing options, one for solo accommodations and one with a shared option with one other person. 

  • One of the ways The World Within Us keeps our trip prices low is by splitting the cost for accommodations with another person.

  • Don't worry! once you register you will get access to a private Facebook and WhatsApp group where you can start connecting with the other travelers on your trip in advance.

  • If you prefer to have your own room, that is absolutely welcomed as well and can be accommodated! The request for a single room will be also be detailed in the price break-down of the trip.

If I change my mind, do I get a refund?

  • Because the accommodation and activities are reserved in advance, all deposits are non-refundable, with an exception of our COVID cancellation policy for guests.

  • However, we do allow offer a 'switch your trip' policy and your money with you NEVER expires. Join us for future group travels or a custom trip. Book knowing that if life happens, you can easily reschedule to another trip, or postpone your travels.  

  • Also, if in need to cancel a trip you can also find someone to replace your spot on your upcoming travels

  • Travel amendments to the travel dates can be made up until 21 days prior to the expected arrival date. We highly encourage purchasing travel insurance to protect flight tickets and read their COVID policies thoroughly. 

What is the method of payment?

  • Currently, we accept PayPal and for your convenience,  Zelle payments. Yay!

How does the payment plan work?

  • Our payment plans are divided over the course of 5-6 months prior to the trip. Each trip specifies the payment plan and travelers have the opportunities to make larger installments as they please.

  • You will receive an updated invoice on the 1st of every month and payments are due to the 15th of each month.

Where do I book my flights from?

  • You are responsible for your own flights (unless otherwise specified), We suggest either booking with Skyscanner or Google Flights for all options from your nearby local airport. 

  • If there are other people traveling from the same city you could totally buddy up with them and travel together


Do we get any free time?

  • Yes, we build into the itinerary free time so that you can use it to do your own thing! So whether that's going out to explore on your own or get some extra pool time, it's totally up to you.

  • All activities are encouraged and paid for before arrival but up to your discretion.

What is the average group size?

  • Our group's range is anywhere from 12 - 15 people, depending on the trip location! Tanzania's group is currently 6 people with the opportunity for extension depending on enrollment interest.

What is the average age of travelers?

  • The demographic we are targeting is 20 - 35 years old. However, we welcome people of all ages!

  • The traveler must be over the age of 18 years old for legal purposes.

How does The World Within Us select its partnerships?

  • We select partners that are well-respected, sustainable, action-oriented, with knowledge of what the local region needs to thrive. We value local leadership with current operating projects that focus on empowering their community and building capacity for future leadership.

How does The World Within Us model contribute to our partners and travelers?

  • Each trip created by the World Within Us has a designated learning and action component. The education component teaches travelers about the mission of the organization, the local issue at hand, and how the organization is taking action to reach the Global Goals

  • In collaboration with the grassroots organization, we will with guidance from our local partner's design how travelers can be of most value to contribute to the local project. That can come in the form of extra hands for development, resource contribution, skills exchange, or financial contributor

How does The World Within Us financially contribute to social impact?

  • The World Within Us is committed to giving our local partners 15% of each travel package. This ensures travelers are financially contributing to the local communities and environment. Also teaching travelers about the importance of impact investment and sustainable development. Within that 15% is also a carbon offset donations that are calculated from your point of departure that will combat climate change and cancel the carbon emissions released with air travel. 

How do we expand support to our partners?

  • As financial contribution is included in each travel package, we also encourage each traveler to do additional fundraising. Each traveler will receive a social media package that encourages travelers to share with their families and networks. This will include the destination, our partner organization, the Global Goal, and the mission. This method expands the financial support we provide to our partners and also raises awareness beyond the traveler to each person's network.