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In 2019, Anina Monteforte, a Latina from New York City, founded The World Within Us Travels, fueled by her desire to inspire a new intentional way of travel, that is sustainable, led by women, celebrates culture, and empowers sustainable development projects around the world.

The World Within Us was created to bridge opportunities between travelers, the tourism industry, and the nonprofit sector. To discover how we can make travel more sustainable, ethical, and international to support local community activities.


We became the first travel company to directly align our travels with the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Over the past year, we have built these organizations across borders to fuel the mission of travel that empowers all.

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The World Within Us, is a social enterprise, that partners with local guides, nonprofits, and the travel industry to deliver the results to local communities through sustainable development. 

The World Within Us is committed to protecting the environment, conserving culture, and traditions through storytelling. Also providing opportunities to indigenous populations and female entrepreneurs within their own communities. The World Within Us provides skills lending and economic contributions to local projects created by grassroots organizations building meaningful connections between travelers and local communities.

We connect travelers, industry leaders, and grassroots nonprofits to provide opportunities for sustainable partnerships with the tourism sector and non-profits to unite the two industries and build local economies. By providing the intentional opportunities to locally owned businesses and guides we create a unique component of social impact through travel opportunities.


Responsible Tourism

Create travel itineraries that minimize negative environmental impacts, respect local cultures and traditions, generate social inclusion, support preservation of national heritage sites, and provides economic growth to local economies and communities. 


Sustainable Development Goals

Partner with grassroots nonprofits leading sustainable development projects and initiatives in their communities. Each project support by The World Within Us benefits the overall goals of reaching the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Impact investment

Identify small businesses to support local entrepreneurs, selecting accommodations that have established sustainability reports, and including carbon offset credits into each travel package to minimize our carbon footprint. 

At the Airport


Affordability and accessibility are very important to us! We want travel to be available to everyone, which is why we created payment plan option options for every trip. Follow our pre-designed payment installments from the launch date to have the most affordable payment options.


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Image by Damian Patkowski



Book an international trip with confidence.

We curate tailor-made travel experiences that combine adventure and impact. We handle logistics, we curate the best experiences to maximize your travel journey! We book the accommodations, schedule activities, coordinate all-ground transportation, and even pick you up at the airport!

There are many players to booking travel, and we're here to provide you with all the details. Our team is here to answer any questions you have and guide you through topics like visa, vaccines, booking your flight. Also, receive a packing list from us so you are super prepared for your upcoming trip.

We select from the best opportunities and individuals to show you unforgettable experiences.


We want you to have an authentic experience that benefits the local community!


We not only show you the best of what the destination has to offer by Tripadvisor standards, but we also go beyond the beaten path. We share with you the joys and traditions of the local culture and community. 

Each experience will give you the opportunity to lead with intention, share a valuable connection, and exchange stories.


Safety is our number one priority, and we have a host you always with that mindset.


Each experience has a driver, and local guide to ensure all activities are running accordingly.


We curate the activities and provide on-ground transportation in between our experiences. We require each traveler to obtain travel insurance in case of a medical emergency or delays that will cover you in transit to your destination.

We also recognize COVID-19 is still a pending challenge, we will monitor the pandemic and provide details to each traveler on what items to pack, and the country regulations and testing is required to travel responsibly.

We also offer a new free switch your trip policy and your money with us NEVER expires. Book knowing that if life happens, you can easily reschedule to another trip, or postpone your next adventure.


The greatest souvenir you will bring home.

Join other solo travelers who have the same passion for adventure. Connect with travelers prior to the trip through our designated social media groups.


Along the journey meet like-minded global citizens, and build friendships that will last a lifetime! Take photos, exchange stories, and build memories.


After the trip, stay connected,  join another upcoming The World Within Us trip, or meet up in your local city!

ALSO! Once you're part of the alumni community, each traveler will get access to exclusive pre-sale opportunities, resources, and more.

“The World Within Us your opportunity to see the world, and do it in a way that changes your life and empowers the destination we visit.”

— Anina Monteforte, Founder of The World Within Us

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