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Best Friends

Integrity & Affordability

We want travel to be feasible and transparent. Regardless of your budget, we will work to ensure you are receiving an incredible experience and value for your dollar. We have designed flexible payment plan options to make sure we create opportunities regardless of income. Everyone deserves an opportunity to travel around the world.

Worlds End South Africa

Curating Impactful Experiences

We are committed to ensuring each itinerary is designed with intention, purpose, and impact engaging local partners to guide our every effort. Each experience will also be aligned with one of the 17 Global Goals and a local nonprofit to support local initiatives. From environmental conservation to preservation of culture and local sites, our trips put the priorities of each unique community first. 

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Empowering Local Economies

We support tourism as a vehicle for peace and economic empowerment supporting local businesses and finding sustainable accommodations for the environment. We provide fair wages, marketing, capacity building, and community development. We especially target gender equality in all our initiatives empowering female entrepreneurs and tour guides.

Artisanal Store

Supporting Cross Culture EXCHANGE

We work to create impactful and immersive experiences for travelers to learn more about the local culture through arts, dances, crafts, cooking, traditional ceremonies, and more directly from local leaders and residents. We put cultural respect as a priority for all community engagement to generate meaningful connections between travelers and locals. 

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Trees From Above


We're planting trees for every booking made through The World Within Us. Trees mea a happy environment, healthy people, and a strong economy. We're proud to replant forests and restore animal habitats with One Tree Planted.

Annual Report

Read a detailed breakdown of our social impact

We organize travel that aligns with The

Sustainable DEVELOPEMENT goals

We believe in the importance of bridging the gap between the nonprofit sector and travelers to create a long-lasting impact. Our individualized method is to collectively take micro-actions to support local development and sustainability initiatives facilitated by our partner organizations. We believe that this approach highlights local leadership and allows travelers to contribute back to the community. Travelers have the ability to create economic opportunities through tourism and promote sustainability efforts that protect our environment and cultural heritage sites. Engaging with community leaders, and grassroots organizations they guide travelers towards the true social impact that will help us achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

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The World Within Us is committed to changing our world through travel. Tourism is an incredible opportunity for development and stimulating the local economy. Our support provides a financial contributions to the development project and social initiative built on the ground. 

We’re intentional about the nonprofit organizations we select, to ensure we are supporting a sustainable development model.


Our criteria for partnerships include companies that 

           1) Generate economic opportunities to their local community 

           2) Promote women in leadership roles

           3) Measurable sustainable environmental practices.

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