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The World Within us is committed to creating inclusive travel experiences, guided by local leaders, including artisans, story-tellers, historians, and more.

Community-based tourism is travel experiences that focus on the collective benefit of a community. Through this approach travelers are invited to learn about cultural traditions, food, lifestyle, music, and set of values and traditions.

Community-based tourism is defined by three characteristics: cultural immersion, indigenous leadership, and sustainability.

These communities manage both the benefits and impacts of this tourism. The benefits include strengthening their self-governance, economic opportunities, and leadership within their community.


Why choose community-based tourism?

  • Cross-cultural exchange 

  • Deeper financial impact on the local community

  • Invest in native and indigenous storytelling


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Catalytic Communities

CatComm changing the narrative and environment of favelas in Brazil, welcoming travelers to assist in building their sustainability efforts within the community.

Seven Women

Seven Women hosting an immersive cooking class and various other workshops welcoming travelers into their all-women centre in Nepal.

Mother Jungle

Mother Jungle welcomes travelers to learn about the island of Bali through the eyes and minds of indigenous women, creating an impeccable opportunity for storytelling.



The World Within us is an international nonprofit and travel organization that operates on transparency and authenticity.


The revenue we generate is distributed to our local partners and then re-invested back into program planning, and design. We maintain a lean organization to minimize operational costs.


Our priority is our traveler's best interest, not our bank account. The way we invest in local communities has the same intentionality.

We pride ourselves on accessibility, making travel affordable while still providing safety, adventure, and meaningful cross-cultural exchanges. We provide a standard five-month payment plan so that any person regardless of their financial state can join us on our trips. 



We’re intentional about the nonprofit organizations we select, to ensure we are supporting a sustainable development model.


Our criteria for partnerships include companies that 1) generate economic opportunities to their local community, promote women in leadership roles, and measurable sustainable environmental practices.

Our support provides a financial contributions to the development project and social initiative built on the ground. The World Within Us is committed to changing our world through travel. Tourism is an incredible opportunity for development and stimulating the local economy. 

Additionally, we strongly encourage all travelers to do additional fundraising for the nonprofit partner and local community selected for the trip. Each traveler will receive a social media package from The World Within Us to share on their social media channels and digital networks. 


This method shares their trip, our impact partner, and their overall journey with their family and friends. It also educates travelers about impact investment, fundraising, and the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals framework.

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