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Unforgettable trips ready for you

We are a travel company that designs ethical and sustainable travel experiences to bucket-list destinations around the world. We specialize in custom trips, group trips, family trips, honeymoons, bachelorettes, and retreats. We design your dream itinerary and embed social impact into each experience with female guides, sustainable hotels, and indigenous-led experiences. 


Our Founder, Anina Monteforte, is also a registered luxury travel advisor, a Virtuoso affiliate.

The Ways You Can Travel With Us

Join our "2024" Group Trips, exclusively crafted for our traveler community in their 20s and 30s. With groups ranging from 6 to 10 people, it's the perfect opportunity to explore the world together.

Sign up now and join us!

We're crafting unforgettable retreats! Elevate your next wellness retreat, entrepreneurial community experience,, or corporate offsite with our bespoke travel retreats.

Our Partners:

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We are recreating travel

and adding purpose.

Discover your dream destination, take advantage of our flexible payment plans, and make an impact while doing it. 


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Explore the world, we'll handle the rest.

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Payment Plan

Our traexperiences accessible, and affordable. We offer customizable payment plans to make saving up easier! After the deposit, decide whether you would like to pay in full, or monthly until 30 days prior to your departure.

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Curated Experiences

Each trip is intentionally and meaningfully planned. Stay in sustainable hotels, explore each destination with our inspiring female guides, and eat at locally-owned restaurants. Take a cooking class, hike a volcano, listen to indigenous storytellers, and discover what's beyond the horizon. 

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Social Good

We intentionally design travel experiences to improve people's lives. We align each of our trips with a UN 17 Global Goals and a local nonprofit for us to support in each destination. Join us to distribute solar lights, sponsor free self-defense classes for girls, plant fruit-baring treesand more.

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Travel Community 

Waiting for your friends to join is over, connect with like-minded individuals from around the world. Whether you're traveling with friends or solo, you will leave with life-long friends with a similar passion for travel.  

Stop canceling trips because your friends
won't come. Life is too short, We got you.


Wondering what a trip with The World Within Us would be like? Deep dive into our testimonials.

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The World Within Us was by Anina Monteforte, a Latina entrepreneur residing just outside of New York City. She in an experienced traveler that has visited 55+ countries in the past seven years. 


Also with a Master's degree in International Development, she decided to combine travel with the UN 17 Global Goals to use travel as a way to create a better world.  

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"We believe social impact, sustainability, and supporting the local communities should be included at the core of every travel experience." 


Anina Monteforte,

Founder of The World Within Us

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Responsible Tourism

We create meaningful travel experiences that reinvest back into local communities. We intentionally select female guides, locally-owned businesses, and accommodations that operate sustainably. Prior to departure we also educate travelers on local cultures and history to build awareness.

Impact investment

We identify local guides, artisans, chefs,

and locally-led businesses to support. Our travel packages also contribute directly to our nonprofit partners and include carbon offset credits in each of our travel packages to minimize our carbon footprint.


sustainable development

We identify local guides, artisans, chefs,  and locally-led businesses to support. Our travel packages also contribute directly to our nonprofit partners and include carbon offset credits. We partner with grassroots non-profits that are taking action to empower their local communities. Each trip designed by The World Within Us also benefits the overall mission of reaching the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Our ethical guidelines



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