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Tell your friends about The World Within Us and You Both Get $50 OFF

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

If you’re traveling with us (or are interested in doing so!), it’s because you’re a global citizen who loves a grand adventure, exploring different cultures, and giving back to the world in a sustainable way!

We know travel can be expensive, but at The World Within Us we value making travel opportunities affordable and accessible to all our guests - whether you’re a solo traveler just starting to venture out in the world, couples sharing meaningful experiences, or college friends eager to cross items off your bucket-list.

We’re introducing our new, Refer A Friend program! This promotion was created to share the excitement with your loved ones, share The World Within Us mission, and also offer a sweet discount for your support. We’re giving $50 OFF in trip credits to ANYONE who refers a friend to book a trip with us! So, if you’ve already registered to travel with us make sure to take advantage of this offer to receive $50 off your total trip cost. Our Refer A Friend program is flexible; if you still desire to travel solo and meet entirely new people, that is perfectly fine! Your friend and you can enjoy separate trips and have different experiences; you explore the beautiful Serengeti in Tanzania while your buddy goes on an amazing felucca ride in Egypt. Any of our five trips are eligible, so share this news and get your friend, special someone, or loved ones to book a trip that is right for them!

And if you haven’t yet booked a trip with us, no need to worry; you are still eligible for receiving $50 OFF in trip credits if you can spread the word and get a friend to book their next trip with us! When you’re ready to book your trip now or in the future, we’ll have the discount applied to your account directly! After your first friend booked, get $25 OFF all following friends, there is no limit.

With our new Refer A Friend program, travel can be even more fun and affordable for everyone you love. Spread the word about our amazing trips, spotlight The World Within Us to friends on social media, and get your discount while you’re at it! Check out our upcoming trips in 2021!


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