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Meet Our Tour Guide: From It's My Egypt

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

FATMA BAYOMI, It's My Egypt Freelance Tour Guide

Born and raised in Egypt, Fatma Bayomi is a long time fan of her country's ancient history and iconic landmarks including the Pyramids of Giza, Temples of Aswan, and the Sphinx. Fatma loves her career as a tour guide at It's my Egypt, where she leads amazing tours around her homeland to travelers. She is dedicated to sharing Egypt's intricate history, culture, and unique beauty with all her visitors through these tour experiences.

Fatma also enjoys immersing herself in photography and capturing the memories and excitement of her group tour travelers by taking beautiful photos for them that they will cherish forever. When she's not busy on a tour, you can find Fatma spending family time with her two twin daughter or updating her Instagram followers of the awesome things she's up to at It's My Egypt. Join us in our trip to Egypt where you'll see the spectacular Pyramids of Giza up close, touch the the ancient temples of Luxor, and ride a felluca down the Nile river as you marvel at the beautiful sight of Egypt's sunset.

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1. What do you believe makes Egypt a desirable travel destination?

I believe that the Giza Pyramids is the most important thing that makes people around the world want to come to Egypt , I have seen people cry, others laugh like crazy and scream “we made it, we made it,” and even a woman who came to celebrate her 50th birthday there because it was her dream since she was 10 years old. Many reactions!

2. What has been the most rewarding part of being a tour guide and Founder of It's My Egypt?

For me the most rewarding part about being a tour guide in Egypt is that I've learned a lot from meeting new people everywhere in the world. I’m a totally different person now; each one of these travelers has impacted me in a beautiful way and encouraged me to keep going. That’s the most rewarding thing for me, because I kept going!