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What if we could change our world by changing the way that we travel? What if we could use travel to actively address our world’s largest global issues like gender inequality, climate change, and increase the economic benefit to local communities? It’s called sustainable and responsible travel - and that is what The World Within Us is leading in the tourism industry.

The World Within Us is an international nonprofit that designs group travel experiences that directly align their trips with the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. With our itineraries enjoy the beautiful beaches of Bali, the ancient Pyramids of Giza, and Brazil’s iconic Christ the Redeemer, just a few of the amazing experiences on their upcoming destinations in 2021.


Anina Monteforte is a world traveler, global citizen, and founder of The World Within Us. Anina has traveled to 43+ countries in the last five years sharing her journey and impact-driven storytelling on her instagram page, @TheWorldWithinHer. She believes in the power of traveling with a purpose; that’s why she’s made it her mission to empower the next generation of travelers through launching The World Within Us. Anina is also in the midst of pursuing a Master’s degree at NYU’s Global Affairs program, with a strong expertise in International Development. Anina also works on the Purpose & Brand Experience team at SAP, one of the largest technology corporations, working closely with partners like UNICEF, Female Quotient, and Global Citizen. She’s a strong advocate for gender equality and champion for the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which she includes into all facets of her life including international travels, her career, and The World Within Us to create a better world.


Have you heard of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Here they are in a nutshell: the 17 SDGS, also known as the Global Goals, are a comprehensive set of goals designed by world leaders, advocates, nonprofits, and educators to address various global issues such as climate change, poverty, hunger, conflict, gender inequality, and more. Together, the SDGs are part of a larger agenda (called the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development) established by the United Nations, in which countries around the world have made a pledge to work collectively in shaping a more peaceful and thriving world for the current and future generations by 2030. These goals are important because they outline the most critical challenges facing our world today and provide targets and indicators that can help us measure our progress. At The World Within Us, we want tourism to be a part of these solutions.


The World Within Us isn’t your typical travel agency where you will ONLY be soaking up the sunshine and relaxing at exquisite beach resorts (although this is one of the awesome features of our travels!). We’re changemakers at heart, eager to learn about our world’s cultures, landmarks, and traditions, and also tackle global issues. We design group itineraries that create the perfect balance of social impact adventure. On our travels we experience our world’s treasures, like The Pyramids of Giza and Christ The Redeemer, but also ensure our travel decisions are giving back to the local community. Each trip is aligned to one of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals and a local nonprofit partner to support their local initiatives in the community. We also intentionally select female guides, locally-owned businesses, eco-friendly activities, and accommodations that pledge to sustainability and show a commitment to community-building.

Here’s why you absolutely don’t want to miss out on traveling with The World Within Us: first, we handle all the logistics and uniquely curate itineraries that combine adventure and impact to give you the best travel experience! Second, we’ve got a super supportive team and flexible travel policies leaving you confident in booking your international trip. Third, safety is our number one priority. Our partners value safety and provide on ground transportation in between our experiences. Fourth, we go above and beyond by showing you the best of what the destination has to offer along with opportunities to experience local traditions and culture. Lastly, you’ll bring home the best souvenir of all after meeting your fellow travelers - a community of like-minded global citizens that will become friendships that will last far beyond the journey.


Our 2021 travel destinations will be in Tanzania, Egypt, Nepal, Indonesia, and Brazil. Each trip is specifically designed to address one or more SDGs while also giving travelers the ability to explore, relax, and immerse themselves in culture. Have you always wanted to go on a safari? Then you’ll love the Tanzania trip which is packed with amazing opportunities to view the Serengeti and West Kilimanjaro while also contributing to SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy with the support of our partner Solar Sisters.

Interested in ancient architecture and sailing through in the Red Sea? Travel with us to Egypt where you can gaze at the The Great Pyramids of Giza, and visit the bustling city of Cairo. You can also celebrate International Women’s Day at the largest gender equality event in the MENA region with our partners Ashoka and Entreprenelle to support SDG 5: Gender Equality. Do you want to explore the glorious Himalayan mountains and marvel at the UNESCO heritage sites in Kathmandu? Reconnect with your spiritual side by traveling with The World WIthin Us to Nepal. Meet our partners in the Seven Sisters, an organization to help empower local marginalized Nepali women through skills-training, education, and economic investment.

Are you looking for a combination of beach paradise and mountains? Our trip to Indonesia will be mesmerizing. You’ll fall in love with the beauty of Bali, explore rice fields in Ubud, and support the local environmental conservation efforts with our partner, Bye Bye Plastic Bag. You’ll also learn about the history of the island through indigenous storytelling with our partner, Mother Jungle. Are you a nature lover? Well, look no more: we’ve planned an unforgettable trip to Brazil to experience majestic waterfalls and visit the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, samba dance the night away with local residents, and contribute to a sustainability project helping favela communities with our partner organization, Catalytic Communities. You’ll also experience one of the Natural Wonders of the World, the breathtaking beautiful waterfalls of Iguazu Falls.

Every trip planned is a unique travel experience and we strive to make these opportunities affordable. All travel destinations have payment plan options to ensure everyone can travel regardless of their financial situation. We welcome all with open arms; these experiences are for anyone that is passionate and ready to immerse themselves in hands-on social impact experiences.


Traveling without the “normal” state of conditions doesn’t have to be synonymous with traveling unsafely. While it’s natural to be concerned about traveling during the highs and lows of the pandemic, it’s also important to understand that the “normal” we’re waiting for may not happen, if at all. Do we have to keep delaying our plans for world travel? Not necessarily; the conditions and state of affairs we’re living in now is actually the new normal that we’re all facing everyday in our daily lives. As long as we are responsible travelers who maintain healthy habits (like washing and sanitizing our hands frequently), follow travel advisories, uphold safety measures, and social distance where possible - we can still travel to our heart’s content. At The World Within Us, we prioritize the health and safety of our travelers first and foremost; take a look at our COVID19 travel updates and cancellation policy for more information.

We all know that the global pandemic has caused a massive economic hardships for the global economy. Due to the severity of the pandemic many locations are left bare and communities are left unemployed due to the lack of tourism.The impact of cancelled travel is astronomical; it has adverse impacts on hotel staff, restaurant owners, locally-owned businesses, transportation, and so much more. Traveling now would be a great solution for addressing these problems and is especially beneficial for developing countries that rely on the tourism industry. It’s important now more than ever that we restart tourism and rebuild struggling economies safely. If we travel with a purpose, such as addressing world issues related to the 17 UN SDGs, then that just doubles the impact.


The current state of our world has given us the opportunity to rethink, rebuild, and grow into being the best global citizens and travelers that we can be. We have the ability to transform and rebuild the tourism industry to be more sustainable, responsible, and impactful. If you’re really planning to go abroad at this time or the near future, The World Within Us has totally got you covered! Our team welcomes you in our upcoming destinations to Tanzania, Egypt, Nepal, Indonesia, and Brazil. Join the movement to our upcoming 2021 destinations in shaping a better world and travel that empowers all!


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