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From: Anina Monteforte | Founder of The World Within Us

Hola! Welcome to The World Within Us. I have always had a desire to see the world. It began as a bucket-list created in an eighth-grade homeroom of 100 things I wanted to do before I die. This list slowly manifested into my life’s mission. In 2016, I set off for a journey on Semester at Sea, a voyage that changed my heart and mind forever. Since that voyage around the world, I gained confidence and acknowledged that I able capable to commit to this life I desire.

To me, travel is not about luxury hotels, and endless glasses of champagne, those things can elevate your experience but cannot shift your mindset and intention to see the world as it is. The world is beautiful, enriching, kind, and full of humanity.


Since 2015 I have traveled to 40+ countries, many of them traveling solo. I have watched the hot air balloons rise over temples in Myanmar, experienced 5 of the Wonders of The World, experienced The Universe's divine creation of Iguazu Falls, and performed a sundowner ritual with the Maasai tribe beside Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The stories are endless. 

The world in all its glory is magnificent. The structures, architecture, wildlife, have their unique charm and tell their own story. But the kindness of the local communities and connection is what keeps these experiences alive in my mind forever.


This passion to see the world expanded during my stay in Kathmandu, Nepal while working alongside the NGO, Seven Women. I decided I wanted to be a part of changing our world, which at the time felt like an immeasurable and insanely large task. From that point, I decided to enroll at NYU for a masters in Global Affairs concentrating in International Development to understand how development can impact travel and the overall future of our citizens of the world.


Following that a few months later, I joined the SAP Next-Gen team, a Purpose-driven innovation community aligned with SAP’s commitment to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Every day I continue to deepen my understanding of the Global Goals and mobilizing citizens for a better world.

Feeling the urgency to pass on all that I have learned, experienced, designed for my personal travels. I decided to create, The World Within Us, the next chapter, and enlargement of my current Instagram handle @TheWorldWithinHer. I wanted to show people how travel can be affordable, sustainable, and ethical when done in a responsible manner that can help us achieve a better world. 


The World Within Us is about travel, but its also about self-development, creating friendships, and building connections. I look forward to guiding workshops, and experiences that will lead us all to see the endless opportunities this world has to offer, and all that is within us.

Launching The World Within Us is an absolute privilege; I look forward to sharing with you all how we can take micro-actions to achieve Global Goals. My endless desire is to transform each person’s mindset to become a global citizen and recognize the power we have to achieve the Global Goals. Whether that’s climate action, reducing inequalities, creating stronger institutions for peace and justice, or eradicating poverty. It is an evolution, we must all begin on; to recognize we have the power to create a lasting positive impact in our own cities, and communities that may not affect us directly but deserve solidarity and support. 

The World Is Ours,

Anina Monteforte

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