Health, Saftey, and Destination Updates

COVID-19: OUR commitment to our guests and communities 

We learned these past few months - not all things are in our control. COVID-19 has turned our world upside and has devastated the tourism industry. We look forward to carrying out these travel experiences as planned and have also created a contingency plan in case COVID-19 continues to raise an issue in 2021.


       Updates & Travel Alerts

Health & Safety

Flexibility bookings

Postpone Trip Dates

Our trips are planned for 2021, so the state of our world creating safer travel restrictions to combat COVID-19 and reopened tourism. The World Within Us will be monitoring the health state of each destination following the World Health Organization (WHO), Center for Disease Control (CDC), and U.S. Department of State for guidance. In case of a quick escalation of cases or unsafe health standards, the trip date will be postponed for the protection of our travelers.

Rescheduling of trip decision will be influenced by: 

Travel bans for or from originating countries

  • Large increase or respike in COVID-19 cases

  • Guests are not able to travel due to a travel ban in their country – needs to be confirmed by official channels

  • Guests are quarantine at destination on arrival

       Travel Insurance

Please see our health and safety protocols for The World Within Us during our travels for 2021.

With the global concern surrounding coronavirus, we're implementing a special cancellation policy.

We understand that the news and updates regarding the wide-spread virus can be a bit daunting, so we have created a switch your trip/cancellation policy.  The transfers/cancellations are eligible for up to 15 days prior to your departure for all trips departing in 2020.

Cancellation for participant [>15 days prior on arrival]: 

Cancellation for Medical Reasons

  • Guests are not able to travel due to infection with the Corona Virus – a copy of the official medical document is required

The trip arranged for Tanzania will follow Sababu Safari's cancellation policy which can be found in clear details below. 

Most travel insurance policies will not cover COVID-19 related cancellations at this time. Travelers' insurance will still be required for travelers' protection regarding all other circumstances; flight delays, item protection, medical emergencies.. etc

Before booking a flight please review the company's cancellation process carefully, whether they provide a refund or travel voucher for a future date. If you have any specific questions message us directly at and we're happy to investigate it with you.

COVID-19 Cancellation policy 

Our Commitment To Our Guests

Above all, The World Within Us is committed to the health and safety of our guests. We can assure you that we are doing everything in our power to manage the situation and ensure the health and safety of all our guests and staff. We are now putting in place all our best practices and experiences to deal with the situation in the foreseeable future.

Updated Cancellation Policy [2020-2021]:

It is our every intention to monitor the situation as it unfolds and to update our terms and conditions accordingly. COVID-19 is a health issue we take seriously and have aligned with hotel operators and guides to ensure cancellation is available at a minimum of 15 days prior on arrival.

Postponed Trips:

Travel and health regulations will be monitored by The World Within Us. Existing group bookings that are postponed due to COVID-19 will be rescheduled within a 12-month span from the original arrival date. The new date will be adjusted with The World Within Us and discussed with the travel group.

If the new travel dates selected do not work with your schedule;

Option 1:  90% of the trip total will be returned without fault (10% will still support our local nonprofit partner during COVID-19, you will receive a receipt for the donation, and it will also cover transaction fees).​

Option 2: Apply the full value of what you have paid toward future group travels or customized experiences

Travel Credit Voucher:

All travelers can also receive a The World Within Us voucher that NEVER expires to apply for a future trip.

The health of our participants always comes first.


However, if the risk is minimal we will continue taking safety precautions. Please note that our version of tourism is all about connecting worlds and changing lives. COVID-19 has devastated the tourism industry, especially those operating in the developing nations and economies.

A canceled trip has a massive social and environmental impact all the way down the supply chain (hotel staff, guides, restaurant employees, and more). It limits the efforts to protect ecosystems and generate revenue in local communities. While travel clearly helps The World Within Us, it also provides huge support to those employed in the tourism sector, and our world rebuild.


Postpone, don't cancel

Travel and health regulations will be monitored by The World Within Us. Existing group bookings that are postponed due to COVID-19 will be rescheduled within a 12-month span from the original arrival date. The new date will be adjusted with The World Within Us and discussed with the travel group.

We offer a free switch your trip policy and your money with us NEVER expires. Book knowing that if life happens, you can easily reschedule to another trip, or postpone your travels.

Travel amendments to the travel dates can be made up until 21 days prior to the expected arrival date. We highly encourage purchasing travel insurance to protect flight tickets and read their COVID policies thoroughly. 

 Delay is clearly better than cancellation for all of our key stakeholders, so delaying rather than canceling a booking helps the local communities, our staff, and our industry partners. We intend to use this pandemic to operate carefully and use tourism as a method for rebuilding and development.




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